Do you offer refunds?

If you’ve changed your mind, and you no longer wish to use Sketch, we can offer a full refund within 30 days of you purchasing Sketch. Simply contact support and provide us with:

  • The Purchase Order. That’s a code starting with ‘BOH’ that you received right after purchasing Sketch.

  • The last four figures of the Credit Card you used for purchasing. If you didn’t use CC or if you used Alipay, PayPal or Amazon, please let us know the date of the purchase.

A member of our customer support staff will help you out. Once we order the refund, this process may take several business days, and the refund will be credited to your balance then.

Please note: You can try a fully-featured version of Sketch before you buy with our free 30-day trial. Download the trial here to see if Sketch is right for you.