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We created Sketch specifically for designing interfaces, websites, icons… whatever is in your head. And here’s what we came up with.


Vectors mean scalability. Sketch’s Vector shapes easily adapt to changing styles, sizes and layouts, allowing you to avoid a lot of painful hand-tweaking. Sometimes though, you still need to account for physical pixels. Sketch supports this, meaning that you can fine tune when you need to.


In Sketch, every shape you create is an item in the Layers List. No more hidden paths.

With our flexible boolean operations, you can combine paths to create complex shapes, while all the parts stay 100% editable.

Working on a large document? Name and group layers to keep things organized, then search by name when you need to find something.

Snap to Pixel

Sketch rounds a shape or layer to its nearest pixel edge. No more half pixels, dirty shapes and alpha-blended messes.

Pixel Zoom

See everything in the fullest detail, or turn on Pixel View to inspect the resulting pixels. It’s the best of both worlds.

Beautiful Text

Sketch’s perfect native text rendering shows your text exactly as it will appear in your app or on your website.

The Inspector

Dimensions, positioning, opacity, blending modes… all the details that really matter in design. Want a unique place where you can control every one of these aspects for each object? Meet the new, completely reimagined Inspector.

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  1. Dynamic Properties

    Easily edit the position, rotation and size of one or more objects at a time. Perform math operations on the fly.

  2. Layer Styles

    Got the perfect combination of fills, borders and shadows? Make a named Layer Style and reuse it on multiple objects. Alter one, and they all change.

  3. Multiple Fills, Borders, and Shadows

    In Sketch, you can have unlimited solid or gradient fills with different blending modes, infinite borders, shadows and more.

  4. Dynamic Blur

    You can dynamically edit 4 different types of blur: Gaussian, Motion, Zoom, and Background (ideal for iOS design).

  5. Make Exportable

    With one click you can export your layers directly out of Sketch. No need to add separate slice layers, and no need for a confusing naming convention.


Here at Bohemian Coding we are designers too, so we face the same problems that you face every day. That’s why we crafted this incredibly powerful set of tools to make our lives easier and happier.

Reusable Elements

In UI design, repeating elements is something very common: buttons, bars, bubbles… all sorts of things.

Copying and pasting soon becomes unworkable for big documents, when you make a change and need it to be reflected across every repeat. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Sketch could do this automatically for you? With Sketch, it can.

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Symbols are groups of elements you can copy and paste throughout your documents. Change one, and all of them will change automatically.

Layer Styles

Layer styles let you automatically sync borders, fills, shadows and other style elements across multiple layers.

Text Styles

Text Styles let you set a font, size and style once, and have it change across multiple text layers.

Pages and Artboards

We support multiple pages, and any number of artboards per page. We’ve also deeply integrated them with exporting. It’s the ultimate in flexibility.

Grids & Grid Tool

No designer can live without grids, and Sketch comes with square grid and an adjustable one by default. You can tweak everything with ease!

Bitmap Editing

With the new Bitmap editing tools you’ll be able to tweak your bitmaps inside Sketch with much greater ease than ever before.


As designers one of the most tedious and non-creative parts of our workflow is the need to cut-up, export, and (with the advent of retina devices) resize assets after every change. Sketch’s built in exporting tools help to automate the process, making it a breeze.

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Slice Layers

Slices will appear in your layer list alongside all your other layers and groups, making them easy to organise.

Filter Slices

Choose whether to see your Slices in the layer list or not, and you can hide layers to find your Slices quickly.

View Slices on Canvas

With the Slice tool, you can effortlessly define what areas you want to share, and prep them for export.

Multiple Scales

Designing for multiple screen resolutions has never been easier with the ability to quickly define what scales your artwork need to be.

Define Filetype

Output your creations with a range of both bitmap and vector filetypes, such as transparent PNGs and web-ready SVG files.

Make Exportable

Make any group or layer exportable by opening the panel at the bottom of the inspector. You can even convert it to a slice on the canvas.

Drag out Layers

Drag any layer or group from Sketch’s layer list on the left hand side onto your Desktop to quickly export an asset or an artboard. Perfect for quickly saving off concepts.

CSS Styles

If you’re designing for HTML, images aren’t the only thing you’ll want to get out of your design. Sketch also makes it simple to export CSS properties of individual shapes and text objects.


Need to print off Slices or Artboards for design reviews or just want to put your artwork on the wall? Sketch can do that just like you would expect.


Sketch is built exclusively for the Mac, and it takes full advantage of Apple’s frameworks. From the raw graphics power of Quartz, the beautiful crispness of Retina screens, through to usability features like Auto Save and Versions, we support all the native goodness that you’ve come to expect.

Fast & Lightweight

Sketch uses all the cores on your systems and takes full advantage of modern hardware. We’re very particular about which problems we try to solve. The result is a lean, fast app with a distinct lack of bloat.

Auto Save & Versions

Ever had that feeling of despair when an app crashes and you lose hours of work? Apple’s Auto Save automatically saves your work continuously, so not only are you always backed up, but you can view previous versions too.

Mirror Real-time preview on your device

Mirror for iPhone, iPad, and now also for your web browser. Completely free.

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Requires Sketch 3.8 or newer.


Easily connect Sketch to your device using Wi-Fi or USB cable.


Instantly preview on multiple devices whilst you design.

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