Sketch Beta

Latest version: 45 (43473) - Released

Try out the latest features and improvements in Sketch Beta and let us know what you think. To report bugs or feedback, go to the Help item in the menubar and select Contact Customer Support. Thank you for helping us make Sketch even better.

Requires Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) or newer

New in Sketch 45

  • Presentation Mode: Presentation mode has been redesigned to simply hide the UI and not go full screen (it also now works with tabbed windows).
  • Plugins: Plugins now update automatically within Sketch. Incompatible plugins will also be disabled so they don’t break Sketch.
  • Vector Editing: Smart guides are now shown when inserting points, allowing you to snap new points to existing points’ axes.
  • UI Improvements: The color popover is now scrollable, plus the color picker can now be collapsed, allowing more room for presets.


  • Plugins are now removed from the Plugins menu immediately after you disable them
  • Mirror browser previews now revert to the document overview if the current Artboard is deleted
  • You can now choose how far layers are nudged by the arrow keys or Shift-arrow keys in the Canvas preferences
  • Optimized menus, making them more consistent, with improved usability
  • Added a preference to choose between selecting a point, or closing a path, when clicking the first point in the vector editor
  • Improved accuracy when selecting rotated shapes
  • “Resize to Fit” now takes outer borders and offset shadows into account when resizing Artboards
  • Layer resizing constraints now have shortcuts in the Layer › Constraints menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Line layers wouldn’t be renamed correctly when combined
  • Fixed a bug where subpaths inserted into combined shapes wouldn’t be named correctly
  • Fixed a bug where converting a combined shape to outlines would give unexpected results
  • Fixed a bug where the switching between RGB and HSB color modes in the Inspector could end up in an inconsistent state
  • Fixed a bug where aligning points via the Inspector wouldn’t reflect the changes in the position fields
  • Fixed a bug where groups and combined shapes wouldn’t always expand in the Layer List to show newly inserted layers
  • Fixed a scripting bug where Symbol metadata would be lost when detaching instances
  • Fixed a bug where inserting points on shapes could leave artefacts on the Canvas from handles that no longer exist
  • Fixed a bug where selecting all Artboards in the Canvas wouldn’t always redraw the selection correctly
  • Fixed a rare bug where Mirror would not update some Artboards properly
  • Fixed a bug where vector points wouldn’t always snap to the grid within an Artboard
  • Fixed a bug where overrides could be lost when pasting Symbol instances
  • Fixed a bug where resizing constraints could be reset when creating Symbols from selected layers
  • Fixed a bug where overrides could be lost when detaching a Symbol instance
  • Fixed a bug where layers larger than their parent Artboard would not resize properly when the Artboard was resized
  • Fixed a bug where override text fields would not commit their change when they lost focus
  • Fixed a rare bug where Symbol masters could be duplicated after copying and pasting instances
  • Fixed a bug where swapping nested Symbols could cause Sketch to crash
  • Fixed a bug where the character spacing value would not update immediately after changing the text’s font size
  • Fixed a bug where text could be indented if it was copied into Sketch from a browser
  • Fixed a bug where inserted Artboards wouldn’t properly take into account auto-width text layers
  • Fixed a bug where groups wouldn’t reflect changes to the size text layers nested within them
  • Fixed a bug where text layers inserted by dragging in the Canvas wouldn’t always have the correct height
  • Fixed a bug in the vector editor where the Touch Bar controls would be active if there was no selection
  • Fixed a bug where inserting a path into an existing shape would override the existing style with the default style
  • Fixed a bug where deleting all points in a shape would just leave an empty path
  • Fixed a bug where switching layer selection while in vector editor mode could leave single-point paths behind
  • Fixed a bug where closing a one-point path would not remove the layer
  • Fixed a bug in the vector editor where drawing a selection around an open point could leave artefacts on the Canvas
  • Fixed a bug where smart guides would display the wrong distance if a selected layer had been rotated
  • Fixed a bug where a Symbol’s preview would be clipped if parts of its contents appeared outside the master Artboard
  • Fixed a bug where displaying a dialog when using Sketch in full screen could turn the viewport black
  • Fixed a bug when adding a second fill with the color popover open, would enable you to edit the wrong fill
  • Fixed a bug where shapes with lines inside them could be hard to select
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using the Touch Bar to edit text layers
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur after pasting content into Sketch
  • Fixed a rare crash when using the position fields in the Vector tool
  • Fixed a bug where exporting Artboards with hidden layers could result in an image of a wrong size
  • Fixed a bug where some text layers in documents created with older versions of Sketch couldn’t be resized as expected
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting Hex values in the color picker
  • Fixed a rare crash when exiting the text editor in a certain way on Touch Bar-enabled Macs
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