Troubleshooting articles

  1. My Artboard won’t export other Artboards on top of it

    Sketch 49 changed the way Artboards export their content. This means that if you have a large Artboard with smaller Artboards placed on top of it, you can no longer export the background Artboard to save all your Artboards as a single image. To do this in Sketch 49, you must now create a slice layer to export all the content within.

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  2. Why is Sketch crashing? Try these solutions first

    We do our best to make Sketch as stable as possible, but sometimes even the best built things can break. If Sketch is crashing and you’re not sure why, take a look at this list of known issues — it could solve your problem and save you some headaches.

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  3. Plugins menu not working in Sketch 46

    We’ve identified an issue where a plugin with malformed or missing version information can result in a non-working Plugins menu.

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  4. My Inspector panel is gone/missing

    The interaction of an outdated version of Craft and Sketch v44 can produce some problems with the correct display of the Inspector, such as a truncated panel or problems with the Craft panel itself.

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  5. Colors in bitmap images appear washed out after macOS High Sierra update

    We’ve identified an issue where bitmap images that are exported and re-imported into Sketch are appearing incorrectly and appearing washed out.

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  6. I can’t register Sketch but I’m connected to the internet

    Although Sketch doesn’t always require you to be connected to the internet it does sometimes need to connect to a network, for example when you register your copy of the app, or when Sketch needs to validate your license.

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  7. My custom shortcuts have stopped working

    Some menu titles have changed in Sketch v45 and v46. For instance, the former ‘Collapse Artboards and Groups’ now is titled ‘Collapse All Groups’, and ‘Text › Align Left’ is now ‘Text › Align › Left’

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  8. Providing feedback

    Your feedback is valuable to us, and we appreciate the time spent getting in touch. If you have found a bug, crash, or have any problems with Sketch, then including an attachment with your report will help us diagnose your issue quicker.

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  9. I’ve found a bug or have a feature request, how can I report it?

    If you would like to send a bug or crash report, request features or give general feedback you can do so via our Customer Support form.

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  10. I have found an issue relating to a plugin. What then?

    If you are using plugins with Sketch, you may come across certain issues that are caused by them. Please make sure you keep your plugins up-to-date, and if that doesn’t fix your issue, please contact the plugin author. Plugins are created by third-party developers and we are not responsible for their stability.

  11. How do I find the Console output to share with my bug report?

    Please launch the Console application (from the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder). It should open to All Messages, showing the log entries for everything that’s happened recently on your Mac. If you’ve previously narrowed the Console results, show the Log List and select All Messages before proceeding.

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  12. Any other way to get in touch with your customer support team?

    Yes, you can contact us directly. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us through Twitter or Facebook.

  13. My SVG, EPS or PDF file is not displaying correctly

    We’re always working to improve our import and export support for SVG, EPS and PDF files. Some of these files use specific properties that we do not yet support though.

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  14. Do you support other file formats such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator?

    Photoshop and Illustrator’s file formats are completely proprietary. Only Adobe knows how to read these files properly and because of that, we cannot provide proper support for these.

  15. I can’t connect Sketch Mirror to Sketch for Mac

    Sketch Mirror relies on your devices to be on the same network, and sometimes that’s not the case, giving you an error.

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  16. Making sure your firewall allows Mirror traffic

    If you’re using a corporate / campus network, those are usually fire-walled, and the required traffic for Mirror is sometimes blocked by default. You may have to ask your network admin to add a rule to allow _sketchmirror._tcp.local traffic in the network.

  17. My Artboards aren’t visible in Sketch Mirror when connected via USB

    If you’re having trouble connecting to Sketch Mirror via USB, here are some steps you should take:

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  18. I can’t connect to Sketch Mirror via wi-fi

    If you can’t connect to Sketch Mirror over your Wi-Fi or network connection, here are some steps you should take:

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  19. I can’t connect to Sketch Mirror via Wi-Fi and I’ve tried everything else

    If you’re still having trouble connecting to Sketch Mirror over Wi-Fi, there is a last resort. In some cases unexplained behaviour in Sketch can be solved by deleting your plist file.

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  20. I want to change the connection port for Sketch Mirror

    By default Sketch Mirror connects to a random port each time you open it but you can change this to a fixed port with the following Terminal command.

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