Sketch Cloud (Beta)

Sketch Cloud is a free service that allows you to quickly upload your Sketch documents to share them with the world.

Sketch Cloud
A document that has been shared via Sketch Cloud.

You can sign up for a Sketch Cloud account via the Cloud pane in Sketch’s preferences. As the service is currently in beta, you may not receive instant access as you will be placed on the waiting list. New accounts will be reviewed and accepted daily. In order to sign up for a Sketch Cloud account, you must agree to our terms of service. We reserve the right to remove objectionable content during the beta period.

When signed in to Sketch Cloud, you can upload your open document via the Cloud toolbar item. You can choose to upload it publicly – so it can be accessed by anyone with the link, or privately – so it is password protected. Just select the Private upload checkbox and enter in the password you would like to protect it with. When you visit the link, enter your password when prompted.

After your document has been shared, you have the ability to upload it again to update the content found at the shared link.

Managing your Account

After you’ve been granted access to Sketch Cloud, you can manage your account via the “Account Settings” button found in the preferences. Clicking this will take you to the web, where you are able to update your name, email address, and password — along with the ability to delete your account if you so wish.