In the Canvas preferences, you can define behaviours relating to zoom as well as how things should appear on the Canvas.

Animate Zoom

The animated zoom will provide context from where you have zoomed from. If off, your document will update to the new zoom level with no transition.

Zoom In On Selection

When you tell Sketch to zoom via the View › Zoom In / Zoom Out commands, Sketch will by default zoom into the center of the Canvas. By selecting this checkbox it will instead focus in on the selected layers.

Zoom Back to Previous Canvas Position

Using this option, Sketch will zoom out to the position you had on the Canvas before you started zooming in. By default when you zoom out, Sketch zooms back straight from the center point currently on Canvas, but if you scroll around a lot while zoomed in and you expect to return to the previous position on zoom out, select this checkbox.

Nudge Distance

You can “nudge” any selected layer, or layers by using the Arrow keys, or nudge them at a greater distance using Shift-Arrow keys. The preference allows you to adjust the distance of a nudge.


Colors can be defined for guides that appear in the Canvas when layers align, or when measuring whilst holding the Option key — and prototyping overlays.