Edinburgh Meetup Guide

Hello and welcome to bonnie Scotland! Home of haggis, whisky, and golf. Bohemian‘s autumn meetup will take place in its capital, Dùn Èideann. Also known as Auld Reekie or the Athens of the North – this guide will contain all you need to make it through the week.

🛬 Getting in

You’re probably getting in via the airport, which is about 16km from the city centre and the hotel. It’s really simple to get into the city, and there’s multiple ways of doing it.

🚌 Bus

Follow the signs in the terminal to the Bus Station directly outside. Go up to the booth and buy a return ticket at £7.50. Card is accepted. You’ll want to get on the ‘Airlink 100’ bus, (don’t get on the 200) and it departs every 10 minutes. The best seat is upstairs at the front if you can get it. 😉 There’s even free Wi-Fi (if you enter in your details).

The journey will take about 25-30 minutes, and your stop is the last one. Waverley Bridge. Don’t throw your paper ticket in the trash as that’s your journey back.

Bus Route

🚋 Tram

You’ll see signs for the tram as you exit the airport. The locals don’t like trams because they think it was an unnecessary project that ended up being more expensive and took longer than originally scheduled (as with everything). You can buy a return ticket for £8.50 from a machine if you’d rather avoid human interaction. They don’t give change, so pay with card. They also depart every 10 minutes, and the journey takes about 40 minutes. If you have big bags, there’s more room, but the tram stop is slightly further from the hotel. Get off at St. Andrew’s Square.

Again, there’s free Wi-Fi, you don’t need to sign up. If you’re arriving between about 3–6pm, definitely take this because the roads are hectic.

Tram to Hotel

🚕 Uber

If Uber is your thing, then you can take it direct to the hotel. It’ll be about £15-£20 and probably take about 25 minutes, again, depending on traffic. The app will tell you where to go when you launch it – follow the signs in the terminal for taxis/pick up. There’s Wi-Fi at the airport if you don’t want to use data to hail it. Your destination is “Motel One Edinburgh-Royal”. Make sure it’s that one and not “Motel One Edinburgh Princes”.

I’ve always had bad luck with Uber in Edinburgh due to cars being unavailable. YMMV.

🚂 Train

If you didn’t fly in and are getting a train from somewhere, I’ll assume you’re British. If this is not the case message me and I’ll assist you. Make sure you go to Edinburgh Waverley and not Edinburgh Haymarket as that one is closest to the hotel!

🏨 Hotel

Your hotel is the “Motel One Edinburgh-Royal”. There’s two Motel Ones quite close to each other, but to confirm the one you’re staying at is on Market Street.

I’ve not stayed in this one personally, but Motel One is what I look for whenever I travel to a European city. It’s clean and comfortable so you should hopefully get a good night’s sleep. I can’t comment on their breakfast though. They should give you password for the Wi-Fi when you check in. Grab a handful of the blue boiled sweets from the counter. They’re really good.

I think check-out is 11:00 but don’t hold me to that. If you arrive before check-in ask them to keep your bags if they can’t give you the card to your room.

🏢 Workspace

Just round the corner from our hotel is the Radisson Blu, where we’ll be working from. We have use of the Great Scots Hall and the Executive Board Room. The lounge area can be used by any of who just want to work or have quiet chats.

For those whose first meetup this is, we typically work 9-5 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday afternoon is where you can all go off and do your own thing, whether that be sightseeing, eating / drinking, or just working.

Hotel to Office

🍕 Dinner

Our team dinner is on Tuesday, 19:00 at Civerino’s on Hunter’s Square. Just a short amble up the hill from the hotel. This is my favourite place I’ve discovered in Edinburgh so far, and they do amazing pizzas. I’ve taken the liberty for ordering for us already. We have the whole of downstairs. Apologies if it is a little cramped, but we’ll have a great time.

Hotel to Office

🏃 Activities

Gavin’s wife, Karen has taken care of arranging some activities for us, which you all should have confirmed. That’s Whisky Tasting, a tour of St. Mary’s Close, a walking tour of Edinburgh, followed by a venture inside the castle itself.

🛍 Buy

Edinburgh is a city, you can buy anything. If you’re looking for very Scottish souvenirs for your friends and loved ones, then the place to go is the Royal Mile – there’s heaps of souvenir shops there. Follow the sound of bagpipes on tinny speakers.

However, if you’re looking for something more practical - here’s where you can get it:


🍴 Food / Drink

You can get pretty much every cuisine in Edinburgh. Chris, Alan, Sam, Johnnie, Hamish, and Gavin all know Edinburgh well and will have their own recommendations for places to go. This is definitely not an exhaustive list, but things that would be reasonably close to the hotel - no more than a 20 minute walk.

☕️ Cafés

🥙 Lunch

🍽 Dinner

🥃 Bars

🗺 Map

⛳️ Scottish Things…

When in Rome, as they say… You’re in Edinburgh, so perhaps you want to indulge in some local delicacies. The Scottish Cuisine Wikipedia article makes for some interesting reading…

💁 Useful Info

🛫 Leaving

Come Friday, and we’ll be sad each other leave. If you’re going to the airport, then you can go back the way you came with your return tickets. Did you keep them?

The Airlink 100 (bus) can be boarded from outside the hotel, in front of the station. You can jump on at any stop along the route, so you can stray far from the hotel on Friday should you wish. As long as it’s down Princes street/Westbound. Same goes for the tram.

It can take about 25-45 minutes to get there as I said, but try not to arrive at the airport too early. There’s not much there, and flights have the tendency to be delayed. Security shouldn’t take long at all. Famous last words…

📅 Itinerary

2️⃣ Monday

Most of us will have arrived, and have checked in to the hotel. There’s no plan so feel free to do your own thing. Chris will be at the Devil’s Advocate behind the hotel in the afternoon so join me and get the opportunity to meet everyone else.

From the hotel to bar

3️⃣ Tuesday

We’ll be meeting at the Radisson Blu at 09:00 where we’ll have our roundtable discussion in the morning. Break up, and return for lunch to work until 17:00.

At 19:00, we’ll be meeting inside Civerinos, downstairs for our team dinner. 🍕🍷🍟🍻

4️⃣ Wednesday

We’ll be working from 09:00 until 17:00 at the Radisson Blu, with a stop for lunch in the middle.

At 18:15, there’s Whisky tasting at the Whiski Rooms for those of you who have confirmed. After that, there’s a tour of the catacombs under the Royal Mile at St. Mary’s Close.

We need to split into groups of 9 as there’s so many of us! Times are 19:30 and 19:45.

5️⃣ Thursday

Another hike up Cockburn street, possibly for the last time as we again work from the Radisson Blu at 09:00 where we’ll work until lunch.

At 13:30 there’s the walking tour of Edinburgh, followed by the optional extra of Edinburgh Castle. Last tour is at 16:00.

6️⃣ Friday

Go home. Or don’t if you’re staying the weekend! We should aim to have a team breakfast together as it’ll be the last time we all see each other this year! 🙁

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