The General preferences contain settings that affect the behaviour of various aspects of Sketch.

Auto Save

If selected, the macOS feature Auto Save will automatically save your Sketch file regularly so it can be accessed, and reverted via Versions.

Pixel Fitting

The pixel fitting options will round layers and points to the nearest whole pixel. Subsequent preferences will enable you to have this behaviour when resizing or aligning layers to ensure objects don’t sit on fractional pixels.

Vector Import

Should PDF and EPS files by imported as ‘flat’ images, or should Sketch try to interpret the path data inside them and make the shapes editable?

Artboard Export

Allows you to define the order in which Artboards will be exported as PDF. Choose between Layer List orders; top-to-bottom, or bottom-to-top—or in reading orders for various locales.

Sketch Mirror

Should Sketch Mirror always update to show whatever Artboard you have selected on the Mac or should it operate independently?