What's new in Sketch?

Sketch is a constantly growing product, and we strive to make each release better than the last. From bug fixes, to new features – we’ve been listening to your feedback and have spent countless hours refining the app.

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Bug Fixes and Speed

Fixes a bug where symbols could get unlinked and old documents could take too long to open.


SketchTool and Deployment

Improves compatibility with certain corporate installers. Also improves SketchTool exporting.


Bug Fixes

Fixes a bug in scripting and in editing some images.


Bug Fixes

Improves performance and fixes bugs related to rendering, images, pdf export and more.


Bug Fixes

Fixes various crashes and bugs related to rendering, plug-ins, zooming and more.


Share Documents Locally

You can now share Sketch documents on a local network.


Improved Copy and Paste

Copy and Pasting elements will now always be in view, and at less-random locations.


Improved Boolean Operations

Major improvements and fixes when combining multiple shapes.


Improved Panning and Zooming

Navigating documents is now a much smoother experience.

  • Slices that contain transparency will show a checkered grid on the Slice preview
  • Ability to disable OS X Auto Save in Sketch’s Preferences
  • Holding Option will allow you to switch between Lock and Hide icons in the Layer List
  • Improved Undo and Redo reliability
  • Updating the rotate value in the Inspector now rotates clockwise
  • Improved Background Blur rendering
  • Ability to drag SVGs from the browser into Sketch
  • The tilde key (~) now zooms document to 100% when held
  • Can now measure distances between any layer inside groups with Command and Option
  • When Pixel Fitting preference is on, we’ll always snap to full pixel values
  • Preference pane to manage Plugins inside Sketch
  • A whole host of other bug fixes, enhancements, and general improvements

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Bug Fixes

Fixes issues relating to slow zooming, beach-balling, and validating licenses.


Bug Fixes

Fixes various bugs relating to rendering.


General Improvements

A whole range of small usability tweaks across the app.


Bug Fixes

Fixes issues relating to missing images and presets.


Improved Mirror

You can now connect to Sketch Mirror by typing an IP address directly.


Document Presets

Files now hold both global, and document-based color and gradient presets.


Live Scale Previews

Edit › Scale lets you preview changes before you confirm.


Improved Vectorize Stroke

Outlining a shape’s border has significantly better results.

  • Common Colors have moved to the Color Preview box, now with usage information
  • Resize layers from the Right, Middle or Bottom edge from the Inspector
  • Layers can now be sized to a % of its parent container or Artboard
  • Symbols can how have independent opacity, blending, and shadow options
  • Better curve smoothing in the Pencil Tool
  • Updated Artboard Presets to include the latest iOS and Apple Watch screen sizes
  • Mask with Shape can now detect when you might want to use an Alpha Mask
  • Line End types can now be saved / copied with the rest of the style
  • Reorganized and simplified View menu
  • Ability to customize arrow nudge distance
  • Bitmaps in Sketch no longer open with exportable properties applied
  • A whole host of other bug fixes, enhancements, and general improvements

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Fixed Memory Leak

Reduces memory usage when working with complex documents.


Bug Fix

Fixes a bug where Sketch wouldn’t save files properly.


PDF Improvements

Fixes a bug where PDF export would include too much clipped content.


Speed Improvements

Especially when working with complex documents.


Bug Fixes

Important improvements to stability and reliability.


Updated for Yosemite

New assets in the app's resources making things look flatter and more refined.


@3x Support for Mirror

Your designs now look good on the new iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Fixes a layer renaming bug in the layer list with multiple selections
  • Fixes a bug where Make Grid could make objects jump
  • Improves PDF importing
  • Fixes a bug where changing blurred objects radiuses could seem to make it jump around weirdly
  • Fixes a rare bug where documents with embedded PDF images could crash
  • Fixes a bug where the Insert Artboard inspector wouldn't work as expected when a layer was already selected
  • Auto-expanding of groups in the layer list is now optional
  • Fixes a bug where slice names wouldn't get de-duplicated after copying
  • Fixes a bug where pasted text background might stay around during edit and couldn't be removed
  • Artboard preset groups now remember their collapsed state
  • Fixes a bug where layers dragged to new pages wouldn't get selected
  • Fixes a bug where axis-constraining using Shift when dragging layers wouldn't work

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Critical Bug Fix

Fixes a rare bug where Sketch wouldn't save documents properly.


New File Format

Single files making it easier for you to share.


Improved Masks

The button in the toolbar is more versatile.


Smarter Snapping

More intelligent, with better text snapping.


Pages Panel

Redesigned for speed and convenience.

  • Boolean op'ed shapes' bounds now only include the visible area only, not the total bounds of all subpaths
  • Layer Snapping has been made smarter, including better text snapping
  • Guides can be added with a single click on a ruler
  • Significant speed increases and file size reduction when using pattern fills
  • Fixes a bug where Opacity wouldn’t be rendered consistently between shapes and bitmaps
  • Rendering speed improvements
  • Fixes a bug where text editing could jump slightly when zoomed in some cases
  • You can drag/drop layers to the pages panel to quickly move objects between pages
  • Fixes a bug where Sketch could crash when a symbol name started with @
  • Fixes all known bugs in the Framer - Sketch integration
  • Improves integration with the system color picker for gradients
  • Command + Return can now be used to exit text editing mode

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Bug Fixes

Fixes a bug where items were pasted in the wrong position.


Updated CocoaScript

Now using the latest version, for all you plugin developers.

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Bug Fixes

A whole host of bug fixes for many common issues.


Redesigned Scripting Window

With output logging for easier debugging.

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Performance Updates

Various updates to make Sketch faster.


Bug Fixes

Fixes some common and rare bugs that would appear.

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Artboard Presets

Fix to ensure they appear.


Quicklook Previews

Fixes a bug where they would be missing.

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Common Colors

The common colors in your document appear automatically in the inspector for quick access.


Unlimited Fills

Previously each layer was limited to four fills, now you can have as many as you want.


Improved Noise

Noise is now a separate fill, with different noise patterns, variable intensity and blending options.


Bitmap Editing

Our new bitmap editing UI includes tools for selection, cropping, filling, and vectorizing.


Vector Modes

Vector editing has been simplified and its UI streamlined.


Text Lists

Sketch now also supports basic text lists; numbered and bulleted lists are supported with more to come.


Grid Tool

Faster and simpler creation of object grids. Select one or more objects and make a perfectly spaced grid.


Improved Mirror

Sketch Mirror has been updated with smarter resizing and scaling, more reliable networking, and other bug fixes.


Presentation Mode

Sketch goes full screen, hiding all the UI. Present your work without distractions.


Improved SVG/PDF Support

We’ve done a lot of work on SVG, PDF and EPS importing and we’ve made significant improvements.


More Templates

Sketch now ships with iOS and web design templates with useful symbols and styles to get you started quickly.



Improved scripting support with more APIs exposed, a javascript wrapper and better debugging.

  • Symbols for reusing elements in your designs
  • Text Styles and Layer Styles, redesigned and unified for a better experience
  • Redesigned Inspector, giving you quicker access to everything
  • Automatic Slices, export layers directly without needing to set up manual slices
  • Export multiple resolutions from a single slice, at any scale
  • Improved PDF, EPS, and SVG importing and exporting
  • Significant speed improvements
  • Presentation mode, go full screen and hide all UI. Perfect for showing off designs
  • Improved bitmap editing with magic wand, crop, invert, and vectorize tools
  • Adds multiple updated Noise patterns
  • Improves the speed of Radial gradients
  • Updated toolbar icons
  • Updated Application icon
  • Immediate grid previews in the grid sheet
  • Improved plugins support
  • Adds contextual menu for seeing which layers are under the mouse
  • Rounding specific corners on shapes has been made easier
  • Improved gradient editing
  • Improved Transform tool
  • Adds the ability to quickly collapse groups
  • Flatten selected layers into a bitmap
  • Adds the ability to hide the artboard shadow
  • You can now drag a layer from the layer list directly out of Sketch to quickly export it
  • Improved CSS attribute exporting
  • Faster font previews in the text inspector
  • Filter between Slices and Layers in the layer list
  • Improved Artboard tool with new presets and organisation
  • Text tool now supports bullet points
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