Sketch 3.3.2

What's new in version 3.3.2

  • Adds a new preference to avoid aligning layers on sub-pixels
  • Fixes a bug where inner shadow would render incorrectly on bitmaps
  • Fixes a bug where text layer with small line height might cause refreshing issues
  • Updated toolbar icon for 'Edit' to make it clearer that bitmaps can also be edited
  • Distance measurement no longer takes up cues from layers which are both hidden and locked
  • You can now perform math operations on a text layer’s Size, Character, Line and Paragraph input fields
  • Fixes a bug where trying to zoom into a document past 6400% with the zoom tool would make the canvas jump in unexpected ways
  • Fixes a bug where measuring distance between layers on sub-pixels could give the wrong result
  • Fixes minor UI layout issues in the Inspector
  • Fixes a bug where creating a symbol wouldn’t let you enter a name for it