Sketch has quite a few handy shortcuts available which will be good to know when you spend a lot of time in it.

General Shortcuts

  • L: Toggle Layout.
  • G: Toggle Grid.
  • Space: Hand Tool.
  • Enter: Edit currently selected layer.
  • 2: Zoom to the selected layers.
  • 3: Center the selected layers in the canvas.
  • Z: Zoom Tool. Hold down and click or drag an area with the mouse. Reverse zoom using Z and click.
  • Esc: Exit the current tool, deselect all layers or go back in the inspector.
  • Tab / Tab: Cycle through layers in the current group.

Inserting Layers

  • R: Insert a Rectangle.
  • O: Insert an Oval.
  • L: Insert a Line.
  • U: Insert a Rounded Rectangle.
  • T: Insert a Text layer.
  • V: Vector Tool.
  • P: Pencil Tool.

Moving and Resizing Layers

  • + Drag: Duplicate a layer.
  • + Hover: Display distance between other layers.
  • + Resize: Resize from both ends.
  • + Resize: Preserve aspect ratio.

These are the somewhat hidden shortcuts, but many more are listed in the menu of course. Mastering keyboard shortcuts will really help you increase the speed at which you work.

If you find that a certain action could benefit from a better shortcut, please do let us know.