Sketch 3.4 brings a new preference pane to the application, Plugins. Here you can filter, toggle, and uninstall any third-party Plugins you have installed in Sketch without having to go via the Finder.

In this pane, you can view a Plugin’s metadata, such as name, Plugin author, description, and version number. The checkboxes that appear to the left of the details let you switch a Plugin on and off, allowing you to disable them without having to uninstall (this is especially useful if you have many Plugins but don’t need them enabled for all projects).

Legacy Plugins

Sketch 3.4 introduced a new Plugin format, which makes it easier for developers to distribute and update Plugins, and makes them more future-proof. Older Plugins, created for previous versions of Sketch will be grouped together under the cell “Legacy Plugins”.

If your favorite plugin is not shown on the top list, contact the Plugin’s author to ask them to update the plugin to the newer format.

Get Plugins

At the bottom of the preference pane, is a button to “Get Plugins...”. Clicking this will lead you to our Plugins page where you can see a selection of curated Plugins to download and use in Sketch.