Enable Click-Through for New Groups

When on, any new groups created will have their containing layers instantly accessible without the need to hold Command to select them. With any group selected, you can individually toggle this option per-group via the Inspector.

Read more about the Click-through option here.

Offset Duplicated Layers

By default, Sketch offsets duplicated objects by 10px from the original. If you turn this off it will be pasted straight on top of the original.

Rename Duplicated Layers

If enabled, Sketch will append “Copy” to the layer’s name to ensure the layer name is unique. If disabled, layers will share the same name as the original.

Strip Text Style

When turned on, Sketch removes all font, paragraph and color information from the text layer you paste in. Often when copying text out of either a web browser or a text editor, the style information is also copied. Enabling this setting will ignore that.

Flatten Bitmaps

This option allows you to select what resolution you would like bitmaps images to be flattened to (Layer > Flatten Selection to Bitmap). If you are using a retina display, flattening to a 2x resolution is suggested.