File Formats

Supported file formats for exporting:

  • JPG: A commonly used format for photos but it does not support transparency.
  • PNG: If your drawing contains transparent pixels this will be the best choice.
  • TIFF: Supports transparency but its file size is bigger.
  • PDF or EPS: Preserve vector objects. Note that transparent gradients are not supported in the PDF standard.
  • SVG: SVG support is quite good on shapes and text support, however, shadows are not supported.

Non-supported file formats for exporting:

  • PSD: Adobe Photoshop’s file format is closed and not supported for export. If you have access to Adobe Creative Suite, you can export your work as .PDF and import to Illustrator. From there, export the project as a .PSD file.
  • AI: Adobe Illustrator files are not supported, but Illustrator can open .PDF or .SVG files exported from Sketch.