Rulers, Guides, Grids

These features in Sketch will help position layers exactly how you want them; either on a grid, lines or between layers themselves.


By default, automatic Guides are turned on in Sketch. They can be toggled with the View › Canvas › Show Smart Guides menu option. When you’re resizing or moving layers, Sketch will try to help you align them with others layers automatically. When Sketch snaps your layer to another you’ll see a red line appear that shows what exactly it is snapping to:


Sketch has Rulers, which are hidden by default. As we’ve said before, Sketch has an infinite canvas and because of this the Rulers are not fixed; you can grab and drag the Ruler around to define your own zero origin:

If you need to reset the Ruler origin, just double-click the Ruler intersection area:

You can click anywhere on the Ruler to add manual Guides, and they’ll stay visible as long as the Ruler is visible. You can move all the Guides at once by moving the Ruler. To move a single Guide, you have to grab it inside the Ruler, and then you can drag it around. To remove a Guide, drag it out of the view and you’ll see it’ll disappear:


Sketch supports two kinds of Grids; a Regular Grid and a Layout Grid. Depending on the kind of work you need to do in Sketch, you may want to use one or the other. The difference is easy to see:

Regular Grid

The Regular Grid is your typical square grid, with settings for the size of the squares. and how often you want a thicker line to appear. The default grid size is 20px and thick lines every 10 squares:

Select the View › Canvas › Show Grid menu option to turn on the Grid. You can edit the settings in View › Canvas › Grid Settings….

Layout Grid

The Layout Grid lets you define columns and rows, and it’s perfect when you’re designing web sites.

In the Layout Grid, you can change the total width of your page and the number of columns. You can also set the height of the rows and the size of the columns. There are additional settings for padding.

Sketch will do its best to place the Layout Grid in the middle of your Artboard, but after resizing the Artboard, this may no longer hold true, so in that case you can press the ‘Center’ button to center the Grid in the Artboard easily.