Sketch can fill shapes with a Solid color, Gradient or (Pattern) image or Noise. To change from a Solid fill to Gradient fill, follow the steps from the Border section above. Read the chapter on gradients if you want to know how to edit an existing gradient.

From left to right the fill options are:

  • Solid Fill
  • Linear Gradient
  • Radial Gradient
  • Circular Gradient
  • Pattern Fill
  • Noise Fill

Adding Fills

You can press the + button on the right of the first fill button to add a second fill. A layer can have any number of fills which will be stacked on top of each other from bottom to top. Each fill can have its own blending mode and you can vary opacity between them too.

Note that if the top-most fill is completely opaque you won’t be able to see the fills under it, but Sketch will still render them.

Pattern Fill

You can also pick a Pattern fill and choose from one of the presets or drag an image in the drop area yourself. You can set the pattern to either tile or fill.

  • Tile: An image gets repeated over and over until the entire area of the shape is filled up
  • Fill: An image gets stretched up to fill the entire shape

Noise Fill

A Noise fill lets you add varying levels of grain to your layer, making otherwise dull fills and shapes slightly more realistic by adding some minor texture.

Sketch 3 comes with three more Noise images, a white, black and colored. You can now also apply custom blending to each Noise fill.