Shared Styles

You will often want to keep the style of multiple text layers the same. To do so, you can define any number Text Styles in your document and layers that conform to this style are always kept in sync.

Note that Text Styles exist on a per-document basis. You cannot share them between documents but they are available among all pages and artboards in your document.

Creating a Style

To create a text style, select a text layer, and go to Layer › Create Shared Style in the menu. You will see that the inspector updates to show you the new text style applied to the layer. Here you can also give it a proper name.

Any attribute you change on the text (except the raw text string itself) is automatically synced across to the other text layers with that style.

New Layers

You add a second text layer like you do usually and then go to the inspector and apply the previously created Style to that layer as well. A faster way to insert a text layer with a certain text style is to go to Insert › Styled Text and pick your style. You can then insert this text layer the same way as usual.

Note: In Sketch 2.x we had Text Styles as well, but they’ve been upgraded in Version 3. The biggest change since Version 2 is that gradient fills, shadows and inner shadows are now also part of the style of the text.