Sketch is a vector drawing app intended for designers of all sorts. Vector-based drawing is by far the the best way to design websites, icons or interfaces. On top of this vector editing we have added support for basic bitmap styles, such as blur and color corrections.

We’ve made Sketch both powerful and easy to understand. Experienced designers can easily transfer their existing skills in a matter of hours, and replace Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks for most digital design tasks.

Why use Sketch

Sketch has a great UI and was built for the kind of things you want to do when you design icons or interfaces. It’s a one-window app, and what you need is always in reach. We support Multiple Fills per layer and we have the best text rendering and text styles out there. The canvas is infinite and we have some great asset exporting tools we’re sure you will love.

You can view the canvas both in a resolution-independent view where you have infinite precision, or you can turn on Pixel Preview and you will know exactly how every pixel will look on export - if you care about such a thing.

What Sketch is not

Sketch is not a bitmap editor. This means that if you want to do photo correction or draw with brushes, this is not the app for you.