When designing icons, mobile apps, websites, or anything else in Sketch, you’ll likely want to export parts of your creation, or all of it! With Sketch, it’s simple to mark what you want to export, and how you want it exported.

To share your designs, either choose Share › Export… from the menu (Shift-Command-E), or click the Export item in the toolbar. As Sketch’s Canvas is infinite in size, when you want to export you will first have to tell Sketch which part(s) you want exported.

When you click Export, Sketch will reveal a dialog listing all exportable layers in the Canvas, whether they be Artboards, slices, or ordinary layers. You can choose which of these you want to export by selecting, or deselecting them from the list.

Export dialog

In the video below, you can see the difference between slices, and exportable layers, as well as a general overview about exporting in Sketch.

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